The Energy Solution Maybe As Simple As Water

All fossil fuels whether it is natural gas, petroleum, coal require an extremely long time to be generated within the earth. This fact is the reason fossil fuels are referred to as “non-renewable natural resources” and considered limited fuels for ongoing world consumption.

Currently, the world relies on non-renewable fossil fuels to meet 85% of its energy demand  and the rate of world fuel consumption is expected to increase rapidly due to population and economic growth.

Many of the worlds leading experts believe that the solutions to the problem of increasing global demand for fossil fuels must be approach with many different methods, ranging from Solar and wind power,  and the use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen.

It is clear that in the fossil fuels will remain the main source of energy because of it’s being the life blood of all industry across the world and that it has a well establish infrastructure that all for quick production and distribution.

To date, there is not a ready made solution to address these complex issues, nevertheless, the need to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and a transition into an economy less dependent on hydrocarbon is urgently necessary.

One solution is to use another alternative energy source other than fossil fuels that has the potential to address many aspects of the world energy problem.

Recently, Hydrogen has emerged as the best canidate to replace fossil fuels. As an energy carrier, hydrogen has the potential to address many aspects of the energy problem, particularly in the transportation sector. Hydrogen can be used in fuel cells or in combustion reactions.

It should be noted that the energy and environmental benefits of hydrogen depends largely on how the gas is produced. If hydrogen is produced using current fossil fuel methods, then the potential benefits of hydrogen are not realized.

As an alternative, hydrogen production via highdensity radio-frequency (RF) plasma is investigated as a viable solution.

The highdensity radio-frequency (RF) plasma method of producing hydrogen for fuel uses very little non-renewable methods and this process produces hydrogen gas much faster than traditional techniques.

Many advocates for the end of fossil fuels are hoping that more funding is put into this very promissing technique.

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